Ample White


The white wine of Chateau Trois Collines on first impression presents a minerality characteristic in the nose but is followed by fruity and herbal hints.  It has a rich feel in the mouth, yet elegant at the same time.  Its creamy texture makes an excellent balance with the dry bone crispiness and the high acidity of the Assyrtiko.  Full bodied, concentrated white wine with finesse, complexity and a long aftertaste.

Ideal for pairing with fillet of fish (roasted or poached), pasta in white sauce, as well as white cheeses.

We recommend serving this wine at a temperature of 10°C to 12°C so as to enjoy the best of its flavors.

Vintage: 2018
Grape Varieties: Assyrtiko
Ageing: 8 months in French Oak barrels

Price : 110,000.00LL


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Weight 1.614 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 15 cm