Our Team

The hills and slopes of Chateau Trois Collines inspired us to explore this majestic land and our role in enhancing nature’s gift. That was the beginning of a journey that has taken us from vision to creation. Along the way we searched out the people whose experience and passion could harmoniously come together to be the team that would lead us to realize our vision. We are proud to associate ourselves with this distinguished group. We know you will delight in their expertise with each bottle of Chateau Trois Collines wine you bring to your table.



Rabih came to Chateau Trois Collines from Zahle, via France! He has a passion for wine and after gaining a Masters of Chemistry degree from Saint Joseph University of Beirut. He has traveled to France, where he received the national enologist diploma from the national Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse. He went on to gain work experience and extensive knowledge about wineries in France before coming back and working with different wineries in Lebanon. This rich background and his commitment are assets to our team and winery.


Agricultural Engineer

Wael was raised in a Lebanese village where his father instilled in him love and appreciation for the land and nature, which became an intrinsic part of his character. He studied Agricultural Engineering and went on to gain a Masters of Agricultural Studies degree. His expertise in agriculture and passion for the land are evident in his devotion to the vineyards at Chateau Trois Collines.


Marketing Specialist

Dunia is Franco - Lebanese. Graduated with a Bachelor in Communication from the American University of Paris, then she defended a master's thesis in Sensory Marketing in London on the subject of smell and memory. Her love for Lebanon, as well as her taste for details and the arts, made her a precious collaborator within the team of Château Trois Collines.