Ethical Agriculture

At Chateau Trois Collines our grapes are estate grown from the highest quality plants, imported from the finest nurseries around the world. Every step is conducted with the utmost care to ensure the optimal condition of each grape. Like a symphony, nature and our team work harmoniously to create the perfect environment for our grape vines. We proudly bring you the result of that effort in each bottle of wine bearing our name.

All our agriculture practices comply with the organic production standards and guidelines.

Using only solar panels to generate electricity in order to reduce the carbon footprint.

Three wells of fresh water pump water to the vineyards only when needed.

We choose the highest quality grape plants imported from the finest nurseries.

All grapes are estate grown to ensure the highest quality.

We carefully monitor over 120,000 individual vines.

We hand pick our grapes at their due time once ripened and immediately transport using refrigerated trucks to the winery.